Large scale virtual classroom delivery. Globally dispersed leaders and managers at BP.


BP have a highly skilled and geographically dispersed workforce in some of the remotest locations on our planet. As one of the world’s leading oil and gas providers they work in culturally diverse markets, where high fidelity leadership is a crucial ingredient for effective performance.

BP Group Learning have many award winning digital learning resources to support their leadership population and they are leading the trend when it comes to virtualizing their leadership curriculum.

Our evolutionary journey with BP integrated our subject matter expertise with existing BP content combined with our strategic virtual delivery capability.

The challenge.


Reducing the costs associated with large scale classroom based learning, by transitioning elements of key programmes to a virtual delivery format.

Creating high quality virtual classroom content that genuinely impacts leadership performance, by enriching rather than eroding the integrity of existing core programmes.

Creating an efficient global delivery infrastructure to support large scale virtual delivery worldwide.

Shifting the culture of learning from primarily classroom based engagements, towards collaborative learning in virtual classrooms, as part of a continuous learning culture.

Our solution.

Part 1

Content: subject matter expertise

Using our own subject matter expertise combined with existing internal BP content, we augmented and transitioned core BP curriculum programmes into virtual class offerings. Solutions have drawn on our core expertise in cross-cultural and virtual working, ethical decision making and matrix working. Our content and design expertise has been integrated into solutions around career transition, managing talent, graduate engagement, ethics, and diversity and inclusion.

Part 2

Capability in strategic virtual delivery

Delivering virtual classrooms as part of an integrated learning strategy is complex and requires a number of different disciplines and capabilities. To scale globally and reach audiences anywhere in the world with consistent content, we provide a comprehensive 'end-to-end' virtual class delivery service infrastructure including technical support based on five key areas:

Subject matter expertise

  • Instructional design expertise exclusively for virtual classes.
  • Content conversion of the Leadership Curriculum to virtual classroom.

Technology audit

  • Technology infrastructure audits.
  • Virtual classroom platform and audio integration.

Global faculty

  • Fully certified faculty for virtual classroom delivery.
  • Global faculty resourcing, community and network management.
  • Performance management.
  • Virtual classroom producer services.

Operations and project management

  • Enterprise scheduling and enrolment.
  • Operational logistics.
  • Communications strategy.

Measurement and continuous improvement

  • Evaluation services.
  • Data consolidation to support organizational feedback.

Part 3

Shifting expectations around live online learning.

Getting learners to change their learning behaviour so that they can participate and collaborate in the virtual classroom environment is one of the most challenging aspects of virtual classroom delivery. They need to be able to participate and collaborate virtually as if it was second nature. We gather data from polls, chat pods, whiteboards and breakout sessions, and this provides excellent real-time feedback to direct and inform further needs in virtual classroom development.

The results.

To date, we have designed 5 Virtual Classroom programmes covering Ethical/Responsible Leadership and Career Transition, which has been delivered to nearly 2000 globally dispersed First and Senior Level Leaders across the BP Organization.

These programmes continue to be deployed and will be augmented by the creation of two new Curriculums for both the FLL and SLL population, with 2 Virtual Classrooms already developed, piloted and ready to roll-out with a further 9 Virtual Classrooms currently being designed.

Feedback from senior leaders at BP has been outstanding:

“I have found TMA world to be an exceptionally supportive, professional and above all collaborative partner who understands BP’s values and importantly the complexity of the organisation. They have demonstrated consistently their ability to design, develop and most importantly deliver high quality virtual learning at scale. They have been indispensable over the last 2 years in evolving our leadership academy offer and providing a high quality experience for BP leaders. “

Robin Lilley - Head of Leadership Capability Academy

“Great use of technology, saves us a lot of time. I was impressed by the use of this medium for training. It should be used more, rather than have to travel to off-site locations.”

“Short sessions, if held periodically are better reminders and in the long run may be more effective than all day or multi-day sessions.”

“The online method of delivering sessions is excellent and saved me the time of having to travel. The delivery of the session was very effective, with a good level of engagement.”