Exceptional virtual events.

Deliver lively, powerful and engaging virtual events.

As business evolves, organizations need new strategies for engaging employees, presenting to clients and engaging those audiences despite the virtual distances between them.

Keeping virtual audiences engaged necessitates meeting hosts, presenters and facilitators being able to deliver highly engaging and interactive content that consistently engages.

Benefits for the delegate.

By completing the Exceptional Virtual Events Learning Path, delegates will be able to:

  • Determine when web conferencing is the best medium for your event
  • Select an appropriate format and structure for the session
  • Use their voice to captivate an audience
  • Make effective use of virtual tools, such as chat, whiteboard and feedback icons
  • Create a virtual event storyboard
  • Keep an audience engaged and interactive during the virtual event
  • Overcome the most challenging virtual obstacles
  • Instill best practices of being practiced and prepared.

Benefits for your organization.

Business impacts associated with the implementation of the competencies developed on this Learning Path include:

  • More engaged participants in meetings, presentations and webinars
  • Maximizing web conferencing platform use/adoption
  • Best practices becoming the norm.


Individuals who are, or will be, using web conferencing technologies as a medium for meetings, presentations, or hosting virtual events.


The Exceptional Virtual Events Learning Path follows our unique Discover-Develop-Deploy learning philosophy.

The workshop component can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Digital fluency - Other learning paths.

Engaging with us - Clear, easy and consultative.

The borderless workplace is impacting everybody in your organization.

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