The Skills you Need to Succeed in 2020

| By TMA World

Today’s workplace is a complex environment

Large scale, global organizations bring together a diverse mix of people, who are expected to work across multiple projects and various reporting lines and must rely on virtual technologies to communicate and collaborate. This is what we call the ‘Borderless Workplace Challenge’.

Organizations that proactively manage the Borderless Workplace Challenge are winning in today’s marketplace. Their agility and efficiency enables them, to thrive through change and uncertainty.

Enabling a globally connected business to thrive for the future, today

Our learning programs arm your people with the knowledge, skills and mindset to manage the challenges of the modern-day workplace and collaborate with confidence. 

TMA World work with the world’s leading organizations, developing inclusive cultures of empowered individuals, all working together in harmony to achieve one common goal. Our clients experience enhanced communication and collaboration, leading to greater efficiency, productivity and more harmonious working environments. 

The Challenges of the Borderless Workplace 

For senior leaders:

  • Effective leadership and collaboration across distance where face to face contact is limited
  • Delivering business results faster in a complex environment
  • Communicating and creating engagement through technology – including effective virtual meetings
  • Creating a sense of community without physical presence and with divided loyalties
  • Finding the balance between trust and control

For team workers and individual contributors:

  • Working on multiple teams with competing goals and priorities
  • Exercising influence without authority
  • Staying visible when working remotely
  • Working remotely across different national cultures
  • Managing and organizing work around time zones

Our learning curriculum

Our curriculum forms the foundation for learning in any large global organization. We develop the essential skills required to successfully work and communicate across diverse and complex organizational structures. 

  • Borderless Collaboration: Developing the skills and mindset to work together across borders to innovate and create value.
  • Cultural Intelligence: Developing the adaptability to bridge and leverage differences between individuals and groups.
  • Matrix Working: Developing the thinking and behavioral agility to produce high levels of performance in complex environments.
  • Digital Fluency: Developing the ability to make the most effective use of new communications and collaboration technologies.

The benefits of our learning solutions

1. Improved leadership and effective development and implementation of global strategies

2. Faster responsiveness in pursuing growth opportunities and managing risks

3. Improvements in the reputation and the representation of the organization as culturally intelligent

4. Increased collaboration, problem solving and innovation through the cross-pollination of diverse perspectives and styles

5. Enhanced decision making through increased sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience

6. Increased productivity through more seamless cross-border communication

7. Greater efficiency through clarity of roles, cooperation and collaboration

8. Increased effectiveness in virtual working through understanding and responsiveness to cultural difference

9. Reduction of misunderstandings and conflict with others from different countries and cultures

10. Faster workplace learning and application of best practices

How we work

Our blended learning curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways to suit the organization and learner needs. Choose from instructor led workshops, delivered face to face or through live virtual classroom sessions, or our elearning software which offers accessible continuous learning and development. 

Each topic area will provide learners access to:

  • Learning assets driven by our ‘Borderless Workplace’ competency framework 
  • Interactive, multi-media learning paths 
  • Articles and eBooks to further enhance skills and understanding

Topics covered:

Borderless Collaboration

  • Virtual Teamwork – Collaborate better with members of your virtual team
  • Leading Virtual Teams – Enable and boost the performance of your virtual teams 
  • Managing Remote Workers – Maximize the engagement and contribution of remote workers 
  • Successful Collaboration –  Create new value through effective collaborative processes

Cultural Intelligence

  • Managing Across Cultures – Leverage cultural differences to create team and organizational success
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence – Maximize the quality and productivity of your international relationships
  • Developing Country Intelligence – Gain expert advice on working better with people from over 100 countries

Matrix Working

  • Matrix Leadership – Harness global collaboration in ambiguous matrixed environments
  • Thriving in a Matrix Organization – Network, communicate and negotiate across multiple reporting lines
  • Influencing Without Authority – Master your influencing skills to push through your own ideas
  • Managing in Turbulent Times – Succeed under conditions of increased uncertainty and stress

Digital Fluency

  • Communicating Virtually – Acquire the techniques to communicate more effectively through technology
  • Effective Virtual Meetings – Master the skills required to perform better in virtual meetings

Instructor led workshops

TMA World delivers workshops all over the world through over network of over 200 global associates. Our global faculty offer the flexibility and sensitivity to adapt training delivery to meet local needs and expectations. 


  • Subject matter experts are on hand to give on the spot practical help and answer questions
  • Immediate help and support with correcting mistakes and getting it right
  • Networking with other learners, sharing experiences and social interaction
  • Expert trainers who make the learning experience engaging, interesting and enjoyable
  • Learning can be instantly adapted to suit the needs of the delegates
  • Quiet, dedicated time out of the office to really focus on learner needs
  • Multi-sensory experience that appeals to multiple intelligences
  • Valuable feedback from the trainer and others in the group

Our audience

Our learning solutions support all levels of hierarchy, from leaders, managers, global team workers and individual contributors. We work with the world’s largest organizations to support their people in building the skills to work across cultures and virtual technologies

  • Organizations
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Team workers
  • Individual contributors

What makes us different?

Our learning curriculum is unique and tailored to the challenges of the global worker. Our solutions are focused on developing the skills and mindset required to thrive when working across complex organization structures, cultures and virtual technologies.  

Contact our team to discuss your organization’s learning needs. 

Interested in how introducing a cultural intelligence tool in your business could help to create a more borderless workforce? We’d love to show you our groundbreaking platform.