Developing Leaders for the Future

| By TMA World

Leadership is Always Old and Always New

Always “old” because somethings don’t change.  A leader has always guided others into the future through the positive energy of their vision, strategy, and influence.

Always “new” because the world changes relentlessly, and leaders must take on the disruptive challenges of their own times.

What is the Major Disruption of Our Time?

The Digital Transformation of Business

In other words, the radical and accelerating impact of digital technologies on how businesses must adapt to succeed – their models, structures, processes, competencies, and relationships.

The revolutionary impacts of digital are everywhere:

  • In the Borderless workplace – networked, matrixed, mobile, in the Cloud
  • In the Borderless workforce – the best people collaborating virtually across geographies and cultures
  • In Borderless knowledge -data and information flowing to the right people at the right place at the right time, in the right way, and from any device

In this economy, organizations don’t just need more leaders, they need different kinds of leaders – Borderless Leaders with digital DNA.

Leaders who are:

  • Skilled in deriving maximum benefit from digital relationships, e.g. with customers and partners
  • Fluent in guiding diverse matrixed teams or networks of teams 
  • Outstanding in ‘being there’ virtually when they are ‘not there’
  • Adaptable in flexing to complex organizational shifts in power and influence
  • Capable in handling disruptive change to find new opportunities
  • Adept in building collaborative cultures of knowledge sharing, experimentation, and innovation 
  • Accomplished in using and mixing digital technologies for most impactful communications
  • Inclusive of differences to stimulate collaborative solutions

Are your leaders set up to thrive in your organization?

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