INFOGRAPHIC: 11 Tips on How to Handle Your Crazy-Making Boss

| By TMA World

You know it’s true: People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.

Despite all the millions of bullet-pointed tips published in business books and journals, I’ve never met a perfect boss.  No matter how well we try, we all have human blind spots and quirks that make us . . . well, human.  Humans are crazy-making creatures, but some more than others.  The boss population, along with politicians and bankers, does little to alleviate the silent killer, i.e. hyper-tension. 

There are too many types of crazy-making boss to create a comprehensive list, but here are a few I’ve encountered:

  • The Flummoxed: never knows what’s going on or what to do
  • The Shapeshifter: is rarely, if ever, consistent
  • The Wanderer: has little sense of direction
  • The Narcissist: the vain, egotistical god or goddess
  • The Bully: uses power to intimidate others
  • The Volcano: likely to erupt at any time
  • The Nitpicker: the perfectionist who can’t let go of small stuff
  • The Python: who squeezes the life out of people
  • The Enigma: who wants you to guess what he or she is thinking
  • The Entertainer: if you haven’t seen any episodes of The Office (British or US version), you really, really should

I’m sure you can add more to this list.  Crazy-making bosses often have a complex mix of these characteristics, and so it is difficult to come up with strategies and tips that don’t oversimplify the challenge.  But why let a simple thing like oversimplification stop me (oops, I think I might be one of those crazy-making bosses).

I’ll present some of those often annoying and platitudinous tips below, but before I do here’s the essence – take responsibility for outcomes resulting from interactions with your crazy-maker boss.  Provide the structures and processes that your boss might not be able to; and if you are already saying, “That’s not my job!” the relationship is doomed.  Move on to greener pastures if you can find any.

How to Handle Your Crazy-Making Boss

A final word: crazy-making bosses can cause you to doubt yourself.  Stay strong and carry on!

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