6 New Year’s Resolutions Highly Successful CEOs Make

| By TMA World

2019 is upon us and making resolutions signals the type of person we aspire to be and the results we are looking for. It’s a time to make strategic change and go after your wildest dreams.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make New Year’s resolutions that spoke to your own personal growth as well as that of your business? Read on for six resolutions truly remarkable CEOs make: 

1. Meet a new employee every week. 

Top CEOs know that a people-first attitude will take them and their business far. When you focus on your employees and making them happy and engaged in their work, everyone–including the customer–benefits. 

Try meeting a new employee every week. As a CEO, it’s important to show that you are available and willing to lean into a people-first attitude yourself. Talk with people in all departments and at all levels. If your company is small, make a point to keep in touch with everyone on an ongoing basis. 

2. Learn something new every day.

Take a look at the correlation between Mark Zuckerberg’s personal goals and his business’s success each year. In 2010, when his personal goal was to learn Mandarin, Facebook exceeded 500 million monthly users and became the largest social network. In 2015, his goal was to read a new book every two weeks. This year, Facebook grew as a major publishing platform. 

There is something so incredibly valuable in expanding your horizons and engaging in new ideas–remember, your intelligence can always be increased. Think about a way for you to incorporate new learning on a regular basis, whether that is reading a book for 20 minutes a day, taking a new class, or even learning a new word each day. You never know how this new learning will inspire in even your everyday tasks. Let your curiosity guide you–it’s good for business.

3. Focus on the long-term, not the short-term.

With the satisfaction and rewards of acting on short-term goals and returns, as well as pressure from stakeholders to deliver immediate results, your focus on the long-term might be put on the back burner. Don’t let it be this way. Stop focusing on the immediate bottom line and look toward long term success and sustainability.

When you focus on the long term, you take care to make proper investments in your time, money, and organizational structure. You might not see immediate returns just yet, but acting with the long-term in mind means you aren’t stuck putting out annoying fires or regretting short-term decisions. You can work towards real growth in your company. You start to see the true benefit of having a people-first attitude. The gains are limitless. 

4. Be a better mentor, and connect with the mentors in your life.

The importance of the mentor relationship cannot be stressed enough. People learn best from other people, especially when it comes to people skills in the workplace. A great mentor won’t just tell you the answers; he or she will coach you through the problem solving process, so you can learn along the way. 

Commit to being a more engaged mentor–that’s the number one sign of success for this type of relationship. Great mentorships help employees get and remain engaged in their work, and it helps to reduce employee attrition. While you’re at it, reconnect with your own mentors, and see how they can inspire your own work. 

5. Meditate

The benefits of meditation are so astounding, that it just doesn’t make sense not to do it–and many top CEOs are catching on. The research and evidence on the benefits of mediation is truly extensive. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress, makes you smarter, benefits your heart, improves overall well-being, fosters creativity, improves focus, and more. 

The best part: meditation is free and accessible to anyone at anytime.

6. Commit to finding your zone of genius and doing work that truly inspires you.

When you are in the zone, nothing stops you from truly amazing work. You feel completely engaged and in sync with your work, you find your career fulfilling, and you come home at the end of the day more energized than burned-out. 

This type of work–your dream job–is not just a fantasy. Make 2019 the year you will revolutionize the work you do and the way you approach your career. Start by zeroing in on your zone of genius: identify your unique genius and how it intersects with a core purpose in your life. Next, think strategically about the ways in which you can introduce changes to your work situation to sustainably move toward greater “in the zone” moments.


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