U.S. L&D Report 2018: Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

| By TMA World

Employee learning is a key element in nurturing talent and driving organizations forward. Findcourses.com recently released their 2018 U.S. L&D Report which reveals how organizations are investing in talent, how they measure their impact, and what attitudes different levels in the organization hold about corporate learning.

Key Takeaways

1. Leadership and Management are the Highest Development Priorities

Across industries and company-sizes, developing leaders in the organization is top-of-mind for L&D professionals in 2018.

2. Large Companies Appear Hesitant to Reinvest Revenue Increases into L&D

Although they spend above the survey average on training per employee, professionals from large organizations were less likely than their SME counterparts to predict a budget increase for their department.

3. Proving the Business Impact of Training is Key

L&D professionals who track the ROI of training are more likely to have increased resources, higher satisfaction with how their department performs, and of course, executive buy-in.

4. Coaching is Correlated With Revenue Growth

External and internal coaching as the primary form of workplace learning for senior members of staff is common-practice at companies which reported increased revenue in the last financial year.

5. The Key to Engaged Staff is Executive Buy-In and Technology

A staff highly engaged in workplace learning is correlated with use of learning technologies and a close working relationship between L&D and executives.

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