Top 10 Most Internet Addicted Countries

| By TMA World

Survey Question: “To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement?”

“I cannot imagine life without internet”

poll was conducted by Ipsos to assess public attitudes towards technology.  Eighteen thousand people were surveyed across 23 countries.  Overall, more than two-thirds of respondents said they cannot imagine a life without the internet.

Based on responses to the survey question, here are the top 10 internet addicted countries. Percentage score is the share of respondents who can’t imagine life without the internet:

  1. India – 82%
  2. Great Britain – 78%
  3. China – 77%
  4. Germany – 73%
  5. United States – 73%
  6. Russia – 66%
  7. Spain – 65%
  8. France – 64%
  9. Italy – 62%
  10. Japan – 62%

Internet penetration does change, but paying attention to the countries where people consistently use the internet the most can help you plan for the global reach of your product or app.

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