CLOs Report an Optimistic Outlook for 2018

| By TMA World

Learning Outlook: 2018

The Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board has just published the results of a survey on the outlook of 419 CLOs for 2018.  The survey was conducted from June to July 2017.

Overall, 59% of CLOs say their outlook for 2018 is more optimistic than 2017, while 29% say their outlook is the same and 11% report they are less optimistic.

Other findings include:

  • A big majority expect the learning function and affiliated programs to be more aligned with business objectives, and 64% expect better integration with talent management functions.
  • 71% believe they will have better quality learning offerings with 79% saying they will also be looking for new and innovative ways to deliver learning.  This is unsurprising given the inroads new and emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality are making in the workplace.
  • On a somewhat more pessimistic note, 56% don’t expect their budget to increase.
  • A majority of respondents don’t expect to increase their use of off-the-shelf content (72%), invest in a new learning and management system (75%), or expand their learning department’s capability through outsourcing (78%).

In terms of their use of external vendors:

  • 84% will maintain (35%) or increase (49%) their use of executive education and leadership development services.
  • Demand for informal learning solutions – learning that takes place outside of the course or classroom – is expected to increase (45%) or stay the same (38%).
  • The areas in which CLOs plan to cut their use of external vendors the most are Books/Printed materials (26%), Content Authoring Systems (11%), Learning Consulting Services (11%), and Assessment and Testing (11%).

Changes are happening quickly mostly because of new demographics, i.e. ongoing shifts toward younger and more digitally savvy employees who have higher expectations for learning and career development opportunities.

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