Mobile technology and employee experience

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Based on a 2016 survey of over 1,800 workers in nine countries, the Economist Intelligence Unit has put together guidelines on how organisations can formulate mobile strategies to support employee performance and engagement*.

Here are some key findings
Employees who say their organisations use mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal.  Employees who describe their organisation as a mobile “pioneer”, give themselves significantly higher engagement and performance scores:

• 16% higher for productivity
• 18% for creativity
• 23% for satisfaction
• 21% for loyalty

Organisations wanting to boost employee productivity should adopt mobile strategies that support the ability to work anywhere at any time.  Survey participants identify the ability to work from any place at any time as the dimension that has the most impact on their productivity and job satisfaction.  These high scoring organisations are more likely to offer remote-working policies and IT support for employee-owned devices.  Organisations wanting to boost creativity and loyalty, should promote mobile technology as a platform for collaboration. 

Employees who are early adopters of the technology score themselves higher for productivity, satisfaction, creativity and loyalty, but also have more exacting standards.  Leaders should pay close attention to the needs of this group because their standards are likely to become mainstream in the near future.
Enhancing the quality of the employee experience through good use of mobile technology, enables IT leaders to boost their contribution to organisational performance by deeper engagement with other functions, particularly HR.

*Mobility, performance and engagement: How CIOs can contribute to business performance by shaping the employee experience.  The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2016.

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