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Use of mobile technologies is worldwide, but are there national differences in how mobile is seen and used.  A survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2016 across nine countries provides some insights into this question.

1 in 3 of the Japanese surveyed identified the ability to collaborate more effectively as having the most positive impact on their productivity (compared with 21% globally).  53% of respondents in Australia and New Zealand (compared with 42% globally) identified quick and easy access to information as a key factor in their productivity.

It was only in the UK that over 50% of respondents agreed they were more productive working from home.  France is first on the list for agreeing that mobile technology has made it harder to find a work-life balance. 

Singapore is the most mobile-friendly country in the study:
• Singaporeans are the most likely to own a tablet for work, and most likely to agree they are more productive because of mobile technology.
• They also rate their employers highly for use of mobile technology.  Six out of ten Singaporeans rate their employers as being a pioneer or good at using mobile  technology – the highest of any country in the study.
• Singapore is also highest 2 in supporting the use of mobile chat apps like WhatsApp for work activities (66%) and making all company documents accessible on mobile devices (40%).

Areas in which Singapore is not ahead, however, include:
• Employers supporting digital collaboration tools that work on mobile devices such as Slack or GChat (56% in the UK compared to 36% in Singapore).
• Employers supporting voice- and video-collaboration tools on mobile devices (37% in the US compared with 33% in Singapore)

Overall, as might be expected, the major factor in increasing productivity was the ability to work from any location at any time.

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