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| By TMA World


Collaboration, simply defined, is creating value together.   As business complexity grows and our environment becomes hyper-competitive, the race for continuous innovation through organization-wide collaboration is on!  Just ask senior executives who consistently put innovation and collaboration into their top three strategic objectives. By “pooling together” the best of our resources, we create a competitive advantage.

But collaboration isn’t easy – it’s messy and demanding – whether it’s emergent collaboration via social media or structured as in cross-border virtual teams.

Companies that want to build their collaboration capability face many hurdles: legacy versus emerging technologies and varied user capabilities; vast geographical distances and multiple time zones; significant cultural differences (e.g. regional-national-local, organizational, professional, stakeholder); global-local political rivalries chasing limited resources, and outdated performance management systems.  But the collaboration imperative is truly that . . . an imperative.

Our upcoming thought leadership publication looks at the ways in which collaboration can be leveraged to create real value for organizations – stay in touch to find out more!

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