Why TMA World?

Why TMA World


From New York to New Delhi, from Tokyo to Toronto, each year we deliver over 3000 learning solutions in 5 continents and 14 languages both virtually and face-to-face.

We understand what it takes to succeed in today's workplace.

Living and working in a borderless world is the reality for all of us. We are passionate about developing the skills and capabilities you need to thrive in it.

Core strengths in learning and development.

Capability reach

Business focus.

Our clients expect outstanding value for their investment in skills development and we deliver.
We align learning directly to relevant business challenges with a clear focus on delivering business value.

Content expertise

Content expertise.

Our solutions are grounded in operational reality which results in content that is leading edge and focused on driving behavioural change.

Creative learning

Creative learning.

With a blend of informal, formal and collaborative approaches to learning, our solutions are highly innovative and deliver great training results.

Deutschebank, ABB
Deloitte and Societe Generale

Global delivery capabilities.

We ensure the seamless international rollout of training initiatives through our global network of over 200 consultants and trainers. Across countries and languages, we maintain consistent training quality and learning objectives combined with adaptation of learning delivery styles to meet local cultural expectations.

Global network of over



Global network of over 200 consultants
Industry experts

Industry experts leading the way.

David Smith

Practice Area Lead for Digital Fluency

Fanatical digital worker, thought leader and international speaker, David is TMA World’s Practice Area Lead for Digital Fluency.

With extensive experience in leveraging the latest technologies to help individuals and organizations communicate, meet, present and train virtually, he provides specialist expertise in shaping virtual working within today’s digital workplace. 

David is a sought after and regular speaker at global training conferences, webinars and events on how organizations can truly leverage the technologies of today to communicate, connect and collaborate both internally and externally. 

He has designed and delivered hundreds of digital fluency solutions for our clients including BP, DHL, GE Energy, Novartis, L’Oreal, Nike, National Australia Bank, Vodafone, IESE Business School, PepsiCo, Cummins, and IBM.


Russell Harlow

Practice Area Lead for Cultural Intelligence

A highly experienced facilitator and consultant, Russell is TMA World’s Practice Area Lead for Cultural Intelligence and has been instrumental in leading the design of many of our solutions for Alstom, ArcelorMittal, Barclays, Deloitte, Hilton, Novartis, Santander, Roche and UBS.

Having both lived and worked in East Asia for many years, Russell has first-hand experience of working across cultures and what it takes to do so successfully. An expert in cross-border communication, Russell has insight into the challenges often faced in today’s globally diverse business arena.   Having delivered hundreds of programs across the globe, Russell specializes in developing the cross-cultural skills essential to global leaders and their teams in leveraging differences to create lasting collaboration.

Russell has over 30 years of training and consulting experience across a breadth of sectors, including financial services, energy, hotels and pharmaceuticals.


Steven Pritchard

Practice Area Lead for Borderless Collaboration

Chief story-teller, thought leader and compelling speaker, Steven is TMA World’s Practice Area Lead for Borderless Collaboration and his experience spans many industry sectors including financial services, energy, mining and retail.    

Steven is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has an MBA in International Business.  

He has delivered projects and programmes globally in over 40 countries including developing and emerging markets.  With extensive experience in human resources strategy, organizational capability, and talent development, he provides specialist expertise in borderless collaboration for today’s workplace.

Steven led our global delivery team in their ‘Excellence in Practice’ Partnership award from the European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD), which was successfully deployed to over 25,000 managers across 26 countries worldwide, in 12 local languages, as part of ArcleorMittal’s organizational transformation.   He also has significant experience leading large scale virtual delivery initiatives.

Steven has led the design and development of our borderless collaboration solutions for clients including Accenture, ArcelorMittal, BP, DHL, GSK, Novartis, Santander, PwC, and UBS.


Terence Brake

Practice Area Lead for Matrix Working

Leading architect and author of TMA World’s Borderless Workplace learning portfolio, Terence Brake is also Practice Area Lead for Matrix Working.

A prolific writer, his published books include “Doing Business Internationally: A Guide to Cross-Cultural Success” (Irwin), “The Global Leader: Critical Factors for Creating the World-Class Organization” (McGraw-Hill), “Managing Globally” (DK,), and “Where in the World is My Team? Making a Success of Your Virtual Global Workplace” (Jossey-Bass). 

With over 20 years’ experience in the global learning & development field, Terence has expertise in working with organizations to develop the thinking and behavioral agility they need to perform in a matrixed environment.

Terence has designed, developed, and delivered learning solutions for many of our clients, including General Electric, IBM, Newell-Rubbermaid, Novartis, Rio Tinto, Sodexo, Statoil, and Walmart.


We’re thought leaders.

New E-book - The Borderless Workplace


The Borderless Workplace

The Borderless Workplace: The critical4 capabilities for the new world of work, presents an overview of how globalization and digital technologies are transforming where, when and how work gets done.


"Our curiosity and fascination about the world of work, whether it be face-to-face interactions or virtual working, is boundless. This enthusiasm has led us to become thought leaders in developing talent for the borderless workplace, meaning we are always at the forefront when it comes to trends and insights in the skills required to thrive in the international workplace."

Chris Crosby

E-book series by Terence Brake

Ebook series
By Terence Brake

As part of our ongoing commitment to the development of borderless working strategies, Terence Brake, our Head of Learning and Innovation, has written a series of insightful books.