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Management Development Training

Improve your performance at work

TMA World’s management development training solutions ensure your skill set is optimized for the challenges of the work place, allowing you and your team to excel.

Core skills such as effective time management, developing impactful presentations and flexible leadership techniques are all becoming increasing important to individuals who want to succeed and progress in business, whilst also helping the organization they work for thrive.

Outstanding leaders and managers are able to perform to their highest standard whilst ensuring the success of their team, through mentoring and inspiring each individual. An adaptable approach to leadership is key to this success, as it allows the individual to adjust without hesitation to changing circumstances within their organization and the global market place.

Our insightful, innovative training solutions have been designed to advance exceptional key management skills, whilst minimising the amount of business hours required to develop these competencies.

Individuals are given the opportunity to identify their strengths and address any areas that require improvement, meaning that the training they receive is very relevant to their needs.

We have a number of resources available to leaders and managers, or those who are soon to be in a leadership role, including:

The Global Collaboration app

The new Global Collaboration mobile app from TMA World provides a fast, fun and practical way for your busy executives to work on the move. Nine essential skills for being effective in the global workplace are addressed, including manage remote workers, communicate virtually and thriving in a global organization. Each module offers tips and guidance on what to do and what not to do.

Managers and leaders can use the Global Collaboration app to identify areas of performance that need further development on a company-wide, team or individual basis.

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