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Where In The World Is My Team?

where in the world is my team

Where In The World Is My Team? Making a success of your virtual global workplace’ addresses the issues of ‘Sanity, Survival and Success in Global Teams’. Tools, theories and concepts are introduced to help businesspeople working internationally to understand and develop the competencies required to manage and lead global teams.

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Thrive in the Borderless Workplace - e-books

managing globally

The Borderless Workplace series of five e-books is aimed at providing people at all organizational levels with a map for navigating the changing world of work. The e-books are practical guides to people capabilities needed for achieving high performance, including Cultural Intelligence and Collaboration.


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Managing Globally

managing globally

‘Managing Globally’ is a practical, self-help guide to help you develop key management skills for working with other cultures. Packed with essential tips and advice you will learn how to adapt to different working practices, from overcoming language barriers, making presentations and carrying out negotiations to working in global teams and managing conflict.


Manager's Handbook

A comprehensive guide to learning key management skills, understanding core business concepts, and planning a successful career, ‘Manager's Handbook’ is both an introduction for new managers and an up-to-date reference for experienced managers and those working in new businesses.


The Global Leader

global leader

Globalization may have become a cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less real or any easier to achieve and sustain. Global competitiveness requires continuous attention to core capabilities. ‘The Global Leader’ addresses one of the most critical capabilities needed for winning in this new business environment: a company’s ability to develop global leaders throughout its organization.